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Tengda ceramics stood out and was selected for the Guangzhou Asian Games Project
For many years, Tengda Tile has been committed to product innovation and technological innovation.
Former US President George W. Bush’s brother visited Tenda
On the 14th, Jinjiang Tengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. welcomed a mysterious guest, Mr. Neil Bush, the brother of former US President George Bush. It is reported that Tengda Ceramics is the only one of Mr.
2011 Fujian Ceramics Industry Development Summit ended Tengda won several awards
On the afternoon of June 28th, Fujian Ceramics Industry Association and Ceramics Weekly jointly held the 2011 Fujian Ceramic Industry Development Summit Forum at the Prince Hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian. The theme of this forum is “follow the trend, Kyushu is moving forward”, and more than 300 elites from the ceramic industry gather together. Huang Baoshou, general manager of Jinjiang Tengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
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