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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is the life of an enterprise.

1。 The company has established a standardized modern factory building, and introduced 26 production lines and perfect supporting measures to ensure the quality of batch products;

2. On the basis of the national standard GB/T4100-2006, the company has established internal control standards that are stricter than the national standards, effectively ensuring that the quality of the company's products is better than the requirements of national standards;

3。 The company has established a systematic management system from raw materials entering the factory, product processing to product delivery, which effectively guarantees the stable quality of the products。

(1) The company guarantees the quality and stable supply of raw materials by buying out the mine, hoarding raw materials and importing high-quality color materials, so as to ensure the product has good texture and bright color and no fading. The company has invested more than 1 million yuan to establish a chemical analysis room that is rare in the industry. It is to ensure that the purchased raw materials can meet the quality requirements of the company, and truly "unqualified raw materials do not enter the factory."

小米彩票主页 (2) In terms of product processing, the company has established relevant operating standards from ball milling, spraying, pressing, drying, glazing, and kiln processes, setting dozens of testing procedures and equipped with professional quality control personnel。 Timely and accurate testing of hundreds of process parameters ensures that “unqualified products do not flow into the next process”。

(3) In terms of product ex-factory, the company has invested millions to set up a physical and chemical performance testing room that is rare in the industry. According to the “internal control standard”, the kiln products are tracked for size, flatness, surface quality and physical and chemical properties of the products for 24 hours. Testing, thus ensuring that "unqualified products are not shipped"

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