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Add:Ji Li Industrial Zone, Neikeng Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province  Antai Park District
JunBing Industrial Zone, Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province  Tenda Park District


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injiang Tengda Ceramics Co。, Ltd。 was founded in 1985。 After 32 years of unremitting efforts, the company now has 26 automated ceramic production lines and complete supporting facilities。

The company has a comprehensive sales and service network covering all major cities in the country, including 98 direct sales organizations, more than 200 county and city agents and more than 500 secondary dealers.
The company insists on customer-oriented, implements intimate projects, and realizes one-stop from intimate...

Large particle brick series, split brick series, mountain brick series, iron red brick series, streamline brick series, tree pattern brick series, water wave rock series, water erosion rock series, flow rock series, bedrock series, square brick, industry Floor tiles, etc.


  • Company News

    Tengda ceramics stood out and was selected for the Guangzhou Asian Games Project


  • Company News

    Former US President George W. Bush’s brother visited Tenda


  • Company News

    2011 Fujian Ceramics Industry Development Summit ended Tengda won several awards



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